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Online Electricals Auction

Preparing for Christmas already?

Consider the fun and interactive world of online bidding.

Did you know, that one pound in every £10 is now spent online? It’s hardly surprising- online shopping is usually cheaper, quicker and can be done from home.

You could win the battle for a true bargain this Christmas, at Chimp Auction. Whether you’re looking to win a bid for electricals, gadgets, children’s toys, or games consoles, we’ve got everything you need to fill up that stocking.

Our latest auction includes a large range of fabulous toys from top brands, including Lego sets, furbies, remote controlled cars, swing ball games, a ‘Frozen’ sing-along Elsa, candy floss machines, Fisher Price musical mobiles, and inflatable minions. From babies and toddlers to young children, you’ll find gifts for children of all ages at dramatically reduced prices.

The competitive element to online bidding means it’s much more exciting than run-of-the-mill shopping. You can compete against fellow shoppers for some real prizes.

Don’t hesitate- give Chimp Auction a go today.


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