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Bid On Pre-Owned Toys Online

Need to fill up your child’s stocking?

If you couldn’t find any bargains on Black Friday, pay a visit to Chimp Auction instead. With our competitive prices you can get hundreds of items, for much less than on the high street.

On our website our pre-owned toys are always sold at Black Friday prices, and come from a variety of sources including retail returns, excess, surplus/unclaimed property and brand new stock from major retailers.

Established nearly a decade ago, Chimp Auction are a London-based online auction house that offer a wide variety of different products, including toys, electricals, kitchen accessories, games consoles and everything else you need for the perfect Christmas.

Our treasure trove of toys includes those for all ages, from babies and toddlers to 12 year olds.

Bidding with Chimp Auction is not only fun, it’s much quicker and less stressful than shopping on the high street. Hardly surprising that increasing numbers of people are opting to shop online this year. Research shows 44.9% of consumers are expected to move online in the next 5 years.

Bidding adds a competitive element that makes it more thrilling than regular shopping.


To get started, or find out more, simply click here.