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The Growing Popularity Of Online Auction Sites

Normal auctions have been around since 500 BC- in other words, a very long time. But online auctions first appeared in 1995 when the company Onsale appeared. These types of auctions were even taking place before web browsers were invented, when people traded using email discussion lists. By 2002 online auction already accounted for 30% of e-commerce.

And 8 years ago, Chimp Auction arrived and has been monkeying around ever since.

Online auctions mean you can bid without travelling anywhere, and buy items from anywhere in the whole world.

Whether you’re looking to do spring cleaning, or want some brand new electronics to play with, Chimp Auction have everything you need.

At Chimp Auction you can get a bargain on hundreds of different items: video games, baby products, power tools and electronics, to name a few. Our latest auction includes Full Control Pressure Washing, PC desks, Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners, Coffee Machines and much more.

Established nearly a decade ago, our online auction site provides a friendly and reliable service. We might not have been around for 20 years, but we’ve certainly made up for lost time. Get bidding online now!