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Going, Going, Gone! Come Join Our Online Auction

‘Anyone for £10? £20? How about £30? There to the gentleman in the front row…’

If bidding online, you might miss out on auctioneers chanting out prices. But there are huge advantages to enjoying an auction from the comfort of your own home. Why not make a cup of tea, put your feet up and pan open that laptop?

Here at Chimp Auction we’re always read to welcome you to our Trade Retail Auction. Anytime and anywhere, you can bid of an amazing range of products, including electricals, toys, kitchen gadgets and much more.

Trade retailers will find bargains galore, that you won’t find in-store!

Chimp Auction are rapidly becoming London’s top online auction house. Both trade and non-trade customers can benefit from our quality retail returns, surplus and end of line goods.

Our latest auction has a huge range of sporting and camping goods, so you can make the most of the hot weather. Among the range at this auction you’ll also find consumer electronics, personal care products and much more.

We deliver all over the UK.

To get started, visit our weekly online auction pages.